hiden essid problem

Christian MainNewz
Thu Aug 5 12:18:32 PDT 2004

Hello zhaoming,

Thursday, August 5, 2004, 9:31:22 AM, you wrote:

> I want to hide the essid of my Hostap.
> I use the following commands:
> #iwpriv wlan0 enh_sec 1

> then the system show:
> <mapping sub_ioctl enh_sec to cmd 0x8BE0-30>
> Interface doesnt accept private ioctl.....
> enh_sec(8BE0):operation not supported

> I use redhat linux-2.4.20-8 and hostap-driver-0.2.0.
> The client is Win2000 with a LINKSYS WMP11 NIC.
> By the way,the Hostap works well.
> Thanks for your reply.

 you need STAID 1.7.4 ...

 Check your version with the following command:
 # hostap_diag wlan0
 Host AP driver diagnostics information for 'wlan0'

 NICID: id=0x8013 v1.0.0 (PRISM II (2.5) Mini-PCI (SST parallel flash))
 PRIID: id=0x0015 v1.1.1
 STAID: id=0x001f v1.7.4 (station firmware)
 If you version is <1.7.4 update with the firmware from



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