prism2_tx_ev problems

Mr Asustec masustec
Wed Aug 4 04:31:29 PDT 2004

I still have a problem with recognition of ACK event
(using RTS/CTS/DATA/ACK mode). It seems that this
function (prism2_tx_ev) is not called every
transmitted ACK. I have observed about 10 prism2_tx_ev
calls while I have sent several hundreds frames.

I use HostAP driver 0.1.3 (my card uses primary
firmware 1.1.1 and station 1.7.4). Please notice that
I use only two stations in ad-hoc mode.

I used AiroPeek scanner on third computer and I marked
most of functions called from hostap_hw.c. It seems
that ACK event should be called between
prism2_read_fid_reg and hfa384x_setup_bap. Is it

Any help will be much appreciated,

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