how to hide the accesspoint

Roland van Laar the_mip_rvl
Wed Aug 4 04:08:50 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 13:02, Christian wrote:
> Hi,
>  how can i hide my accesspoint (hostap 0.1.3, NETGEAR MA311) that
>  it's not shown when i scan the 'air' for WLAN Accesspoints.

This has been covered on the mailinglist a few days ago.
It's in the readme,*checkout*/hostap/README?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/plain
search for hide

Following parameters are currently supported. These can be set using
'iwpriv wlan# <param_name> <value>' or 'prism2_param wlan#
<param_name> <value>'. Most values can be read with 'iwpriv wlan#
get<param_name>' or 'prism2_param wlan# <param_name>'.

enh_sec: "enhanced security" bitfield
	0 = options disabled (default)
	1 = hide SSID in beacon frames
	2 = ignore clients configured with "ANY" (broadcast) SSID
	(3 = both options)
	Note! This requires STA f/w ver 1.6.3 or newer


Roland van Laar

> Thx
> Chris
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