XP sends "deauthentication" after ieee802_1x authentication finishs

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Wed Aug 4 00:17:58 PDT 2004

> Hi,
> I encontered a very strange problem with following setting:
>  Hostap driver 0.2.4, Linux2.4, and WindowsXP as a client. The problem comes
> when I turn on i802.1x authentication by using freeradius. The authentication method
> is PEAP.
>  In fact everything works pretty well. The i802.1x authentication works fine,
> but several seconds after the i802.1x authentication finishs, XP always sends
> out a ieee802.11 "deauthentication" frame with reason code 3:(Station has left
> the basic service area..)
> Is this an XP problem, or AP problem?

I think the problem is that XP doesn't get encryption keys. In this
case windows closes the connection. Please set debug to debug and look
if keys were transmittet to XP after authentication. Hostapd has 5
seconds to transmit these keys. After this time windows drops
connection. These keys comes from radius. Look if there are entrys like

MS-MPPE-Send-Key (len=32): f8 f2 59 64 0c a4 70 73 0f 4...
MS-MPPE-Recv-Key (len=32): ac 84 cb 32 12 d8 3d 82 3c 3...

in your hostapd log.


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