The problem of bridging a wireless adaptor..

Christopher Dobbs crdobbs
Mon Aug 2 12:39:18 PDT 2004

I have noticed that there is a fare amount of trafic concerning bridging 
with the wireless adaptor.

Standard bridging does not work.  I know I have tried just about 
everything that I can to make it work.

I am therefor working on a software package that will alow a sort of 
bridging over the wireless adaptor by tunnleing the bridge through the 

Is any one interested in this.

I am about half done and have been working on it for about two (2) 
weeks, so I should be done with it soon.

Also if  Jouni Malinen is interested this could become a standard part 
of hostapd. (If it is proven to work correctly)

Christopher Dobbs
Eracew Computer Services

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