How to recognize ACK event

Juan Jesus Garcia de Soria Lucena skandalfo
Mon Aug 2 08:45:39 PDT 2004

Hi again.

El lun, 02-08-2004 a las 16:23, Hongwei Zhang escribi?:
> I am sorry. I must have mis-spoken. I am using IP addresses in my 
> program, so it semms highly likely that the extra TXs are for ARP 
> related packet transmission. I wonder where is ARP done? Is it somewhere 
> in the driver code? (I am quite new to Linux networking internal, and 
> any information would be quite helpful and greatly appreciated.)

It's definitely not in the driver code. ARP is the same once you get the
primitives for the data link layer going. I'll bet the one you're asking
about is implemented somewhere between generic ethernet code and the IP

> Thanks and best,
> Hongwei

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