How to recognize ACK event

Juan Jesús García de Soria Lucena skandalfo
Sun Aug 1 13:57:58 PDT 2004


El s?b, 31-07-2004 a las 05:34, Hongwei Zhang escribi?:

> Just to share my recent experience with hostap-ver-0.1.3, I found that
> multiple TX interrupts seem to pop up for the transmission of a single
> short UDP packet. This happens to unicast packets, but does not happen
> to broadcast packets. I wonder what may be the cause for this
> phenomenon?

I have no clue about your actual test environment, but...

Perhaps it's just that you're seeing the ARP request + the UDP
transmission for unicast transmissions, while there's no ARP request for
broadcast transmissions...


   Juan Jes?s Garc?a de Soria.

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