Two /proc/net/hostap entries

mike-hostap at mike-hostap
Mon Nov 24 20:48:42 PST 2003

	I've also noticed that I wind up with two /proc/net/hostap entries 
if I'm using only the pcmcia driver. If I have the pci driver built in to 
the kernel and a mini-pci card, everything's fine and I've got the one 
entry. But if it's all modularized, with no cards installed, I have one 
/proc/net/hostap entry, and when I load the pcmcia card and start the 
driver, I get a second /proc/net/hostap driver that contains the wlan0 
entry. It's also like it's initializing the /proc entry before realizing 
there's no hardware, and then initializing again and creating another. 
This is 0.11 version also - I didn't see a changelog entry about this 
problem is why I'm asking.

Thank you.


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