hostap doesn't forward DHCP discovery messages!!!

Onder, Hulusi TUR honder
Wed Nov 26 12:11:36 PST 2003

hi everybody;
i have refined the problem with the system using packet analayses tools. 
following is the list of the software i use:
Radius Server: FreeRadius 0.9.1
Access Point : HostAP 
client : Win XP SP1
the packets that are necessary for the client to be authenticated are sent and received by the components of the system. the EAP, EAPOL and RADIUS packets are as they are supposed to be. but here comes the problem; after successful authentication my client sends DHCP discovery packets to its collision domain in which there is only the access point. the access point gets the DHCP discovery message however it doesn't do anything after that. the client keeps sending DHCP discovery messages and waits for a reply but nothing comes back.
my question is: what is the hostap supposed to do after it gets the DHCP discovery message? isn't it supposed to forward it to the upper network via the ethernet connection? if so, what may be the missing point? what may went wrong in my system..

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