wds bug ?

Tomas Charvat eaglecz
Thu Nov 20 14:23:11 PST 2003

hallo there

i just finaly found, why my wds client disappear sudenly

well there is device wlan3, with 1 client and wlan3wds0 with second client

in a moment, when client on wlan3 probably turn off computer
Nov 20 23:33:16 nest kernel: wlan3: sending disassociation info to STA
00:06:25:1b:c2:6a(last=16206587, jiffies=16236687)
Nov 20 23:33:17 nest kernel: wlan3: sending deauthentication info to STA
00:06:25:1b:c2:6a(last=16206587, jiffies=16236787)

in few sconds (may be imidiatly) im lossing clients on wlan3wdsX

i do use 1.1.1/1.7.4/ 0.1.1 hostap
WE16, WT26

actualy it happen only on that Wlan3 interface...


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