Regular host and access point at once?

Jason Boxman jasonb
Mon Nov 17 18:32:11 PST 2003

On Monday 17 November 2003 20:31, Wilmer van der Gaast wrote:
> Jeff Meden (blade at wrote:
> > If wds was only good between other wds mode cards... it wouldnt be much
> > of a 'distribution' system would it :-p
> Hmm.... Got a point there. :-)
> Anyway, the AP on the other side is a HW one (Asus WL-300, Atmel chip).
> I tried putting that one in Wireless Bridge mode and the connection
> between my server and that AP dropped immediately, so that doesn't
> really look promising.

I managed to get a Prism2 card in WDS mode to speak with a DWL900AP (non plus) 
set in point to point mode using standard compliant 4 address frames.  Maybe 
the Asus is a particularly weird device?

> Or does WDS work in AP mode too? Not on the ATMEL thingy, I'm afraid.
> Unless the thing accepts WDS packets/connections from any node.
> > Using a seperate card for the backhaul means you can have the APs on
> > different channels, and not 'share' bandwidth.
> Would be a nice option if there were still PCI slots left in my server.
> :-(


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