Connecting Two LANS with a Wireless link

Giovanni Degani tiefoxlista
Mon Nov 17 13:48:07 PST 2003

Hi! This is my first post on this list.
I hava a problem, I need to connect two lans, one on each building,
one builng in each side of the street.
I was wondering if is possible to use two linux boxes, one in each
building, acting as a access point, and use WDS with one another. Can
this be done with hostAP ? I need that the windows network and shares
to be fully working between the lans.
I also have another linux machine in one of the building, that is
acting  as gatewat, it has a adsl connected, and does nat to the
internal net ( , it is possible that the other lan in
the other building be in the same network? so the nat could deliver
internet for the two buildings.

Thanks ind advance

ps: sorry for my bad english

Giovanni Degani

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