wifi0: hfa384x_cmd: cmd_queue full

imp imp
Wed Nov 12 17:17:31 PST 2003

Dear all, especially Jouni..

This is my reply for your asking ... thanks for your kinds..

+AD4APg-Can you still use the card after this?
No I can't use wlan0 interface
+AD4APg- Does the driver eventually recover? If not, can you fix this by 
+AD4APg- running 'iwpriv wlan0 reset 0' or 'iwpriv wlan0 reset 1'?
When this situation... 
iwpriv wlan0 reset 0 show only +ACI-prism2+AF8-hw+AF8-shutdown...+ACI- message and do nothing..and system have no reply..

+AD4APg- Can you get the previous messages just before the first +ACI-cmd+AF8-queue 
+AD4APg- full+ACI-?
No other messages before the first +ACI-cmd+AF8-queue full+ACI-

And the set of default questions..
Which Host AP driver version?
The latest version of hostap from CVS, I upgrade it this morning 2003/11/12

Which kernel version?
linux 2.4.18-rmk17, and I add the list.h to make proper compile list+AF8-move() function.

Which hardware platform/CPU?
My CPU is KS8695 based on ARM 9 Core..

Which Prism2/2.5/3 card (model/NICID/firmware versions)?
Prism 3 PCMCIA Card
and the firmware is 
NIC: id+AD0-0x800c v1.0.0	
PRI: id+AD0-0x15 v1.1.0
STA: id+AD0-0x1f v1.4.9


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