conserving power with hostap

Ichiro Barnes glibcnoobie
Wed Nov 12 13:42:47 PST 2003


I am writing a tool that wakes up every n seconds,
does an iwlist wlan0 scan, and goes back to sleep. I
don't need to connect to anything or look at any
packets beyond what is needed for the scan. The device
I'm using for this is highly power-constrained, so I'm
trying to figure out how to extend its battery life.

I ran across this thread about turning the radio on
and off:
I've tried setting txpower to off in between scans,
but to my surprise it hasn't helped much. So now I'm
interested in trying to use the writemif ioctl for
power management.

My problem is that the datasheet has been moved to
some licensee-only server, so I don't know the right
values to use for my writemif experiments. Can anyone
tell me what I should use? Or if I should trying
something else completely in my quest for longer
battery life?

I'm using hostap 0.1.1, and a Netgear Ma701, firmware

Thanks in advance,


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