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Ron Wahler ron
Wed Nov 12 13:37:28 PST 2003

So if I set up the following devices will the EAPOL get to the


Supplicant ->  Access Point  -> Authenticator  


Will the EAP messages get through the Acess point to the Authenticator ?

Was wondering if the AP has to be set up in a special way to pass on the

EAP protocol ?





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I want an 802.1x authenticator not a supplicant. It looked like

Open1x was only a supplicant at this point. Correct me

If I missed something.





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Wouldn't you just use something like the software from open1x instead?

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	Not sure if anyone has asked about this or not, if so maybe you

	Point me to the info.


	Can hostapd be pointed at an Ethernet Interface rather than the
wlan0 interface ?

	I want the 802.1x feature without the wireless part.



	Any ideas would be great.





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