iwlist scan broken with hostap 0.1.1/0.1.2?

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Mon Nov 10 18:01:52 PST 2003

On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 06:45:25PM +0100, markus.baumeister at philips.com wrote:

> a week ago I reported that 'iwlist wlan0 scan' with hostap-0.1.x resulted 
> in only one AP returned when hostap-0.0.3 returns several. In the mean 
> time, it seems I found the culprit (or at least a hack to get it working 
> again):
> If one disables the 'custom' event parameters bcn_int, resp_rate and atim 
> in prism2_translate_scan() hostp_ioctl.c, e.g. by changing line 1740 to
> |#if WIRELESS_EXT > 140                 //"#if FALSE"  would also work but 
> needs more changes ;-)

That's somewhat surprising.. Would you mind testing whether you can
reproduce the issue by setting it back to 14 and recompile? I fixed
number of things with scanning and all the tests I have done seemed to
indicate that the new version works fine.

Which station firmware are you using? Which kernel version? Which
compiler version? Which CPU?

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