Panic with WEP, fragmented frames and ap_bridge_packets=1

Martin Whitlock martin.whitlock
Fri Nov 7 00:45:39 PST 2003

Jouni Malinen wrote:

>This was not actually the same old ghost; or this was just a part of it.
>The fix for the bug your reported in April fixed STA->AP, not
>STA1->AP->STA2 case. Of course, I missed identical bug just couple of
>lines above this for the bridging case.. skb2->dev was not set and
>dev_queue_xmit() ends up dereferencing a NULL pointer. One liner fix is
>in CVS for both branches and attached here.
Thanks, now it works again. I actually tried to add that row myself 
yesterday, but it didn't work then. Today I realized that I had an old 
hostap_crypt.o left in my lib dir... :-)


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