802.11b cards hostap and 802.1X authentication

Dan Searle dan.searle
Wed Nov 5 00:09:14 PST 2003

Hi all,

Just to let people know for the record, if anyone is experiencing problems
with certain 802.11b clients associating/authenticating with a hostap access
point but then being thrown off (disassociated) almost immediately then look
at the MTU (called fragmentation threshold under Windows) setting for the
card's driver. I found for instance that the LinkSys WMP11 wouldn't work out
of the box, it would associate and authenticate using the Odyssey 802.1X
client supplicant, but required me to turn the MTU size down from it's
default of over 2k to about 1200. After a reboot of the windows box the
LinkSys card has been working flawlessly, even using 104bit WEP auto
re-keying every 5 minutes.

Hope this info helps anyone, Dan...


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