monitor versus hostscan ioctl?

Ichiro Barnes glibcnoobie
Thu Nov 6 11:52:08 PST 2003


I'm trying to understand the differences between the
monitor ioctl and the hostscan ioctl. From reading the
documentation and the code, this is what I *think* the
differences are. I'd appreciate it if I could get some
opinions about whether I've got this straight.

- You use monitor to put received frames, including
802 headers, into user space so libpcap'ed
applications like Ethereal can see them. These frames
cover everything, from beacons to data frames. You can
use this ioctl with fairly old (v. 12?) versions of
Wireless Extensions, and you can maintain your current
association in this mode.

- You use hostscan when you're just looking for
beaconing information. The results are reported to the
command line, so no additional applications are
needed. You will need version 14 or greater of the
Wireless Extensions to do this. You will however need
fw greater than rev. 1.3.1 on your wireless card. You
can maintain your current association in this mode.

Do I have this right?

Thanks in advance,


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