Advice on hostap with Red Hat 9 and/or Fedora Core 1?

jon baer security
Thu Nov 6 02:25:58 PST 2003

AFAIK, probably the most *easiest* way for you to get HostAP up and running
on RH is to use Aaron Baer's RPMs:

- jon

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Subject: Advice on hostap with Red Hat 9 and/or Fedora Core 1?

> Hello all,
> I've been using the orinoco.cs driver with the monitor mode patch for my
Prism/2 cards and it works well, doesn't require much configuration after a
standard Red Hat 9 or Mandrake 9.2 installation.  (Less configuration the
better, since I'm somewhat Linux challenged.)
> I would like to try using hostap however.  I installed a hostap rpm on my
Mandrake 9.2 laptop, and as far as I could tell, it didn't *do* anything and
the hostap instructions didn't make sense as I was using an rpm.
> So anyway .. I'm building a new laptop using either Red Hat 9 or Fedora
Core 1.  Are there any special things I need to be aware of trying to get
hostap running for a Prism/2 card on either of these?  Is there some kind of
document that explains exactly what needs to be done to get hostap
functional from a standard or full install of either RH or Fedora
(basically, how do I kill the orinoco.cs driver that is running by default
and replace it with hostap)?  I'm hoping the included documentation is
enough, but I ran into nothing but pain trying to get wlan-ng working on any
of my laptops.
> Thanks for helping out the Linux challenged among you .. ;)
> PS .. I would like to play with Fedora anyway, so if there are no major
issues with hostap on that platform, I'll start burning the CD's.
> Mark
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