Prism2 PNP ID restore

Daniel Kostadinov kostadinov
Wed Nov 5 14:03:26 PST 2003

Hello Pavel,

Tuesday, November 4, 2003, 6:40:22 AM, you wrote:

PR> On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, Daniel Kostadinov wrote:

>> Hi,
>>   I just want to ask to is it possible to recover a CIS info ( PNP ID
>>   ) of prism2 card? I flashed my old unknown Prism2 card with ZCOM XI-300 card firmware, the
>>   card work fine, but his PNP ID is changed to "_-IEEE_802.11b_Wireless_Lan/PC_Card-BF95"
>>   I try all post for reflashing prism2 2.5 card and nothing recover
>>   PNP ID. I have backup of card cis info dumped from Intersil
>>   Flash.exe and Winupdate.exe but i dont find any possible way to
>>   import thats id to pda or firmware.

PR> CIS should be written into the non-volatile memory of the card, just like
PR> the PDA and the non-volatile firmware.

PR> You should be able to do it using either the same flash.exe or prism2_srec
PR> and a specially prepared srec file containing the CIS you want to flash.

PR> CIS should be in the s-record format.  You can find an example in file

PR> If you unzip that file, you will find file BROMAX5V.HEX.  The CIS is
PR> written at address 0x3EFE00.  You should convert your dump to the srec
PR> format.  You can use objcopy for that.

PR> You don't need the PDR at the end of that file (line containing FF000000).
PR> It simply instructs the flash utility to get the MAC address from the PDA.

Thank you for very good info. I create new file using my cis dump and
Bromax5v.hex but flash utils told me that there is Check sum error on
line 2 and dont want to flash it. Thing that maybe a dump file is not
valid or corrupted. When i conver dump file from hex to ascii there is some
wrong symbols in PNP ID. The unknow prism2 card is some Proxim OEM card removed
from AP.

Best regards,
 Daniel                            mailto:kostadinov at

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