iwspy is supported in managed mode?

Kim,Yong Sung freekys
Tue Nov 4 03:20:04 PST 2003

 Hello, everyone
I'm trying to get some list of access point from iwspy command in
managed mode.
But it doesn't work and just show an error message "Interface doesn't
support wireless
statistic collection", so I can't get ap's list and even signal and
noise level.
I'm using hostap-driver-0.1.2 and hostap-utils-0.1.2. My interface card
is orinoco and it support 11Mbps.
Could somebody help me why it doesn't work??
PS : It might help I deal with wireless tool ver.15 and wireless
extension 15. 
In log message, it shows up that SIOCGIWSPY is currently only supported
in Host AP mode.
Kim,Yong Sung
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