Genesis Mode

Pavel Roskin proski
Mon Nov 3 20:49:52 PST 2003

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, Dustin Marquess wrote:

> I have a Prism 2 D-Link DWL-650 card that WinUpdate was nice enough to
> kill for me.
> I want to fix the card (either using the DOS utility or HostAP), but in
> order to do that I need to get the card into genesis mode.
> Is it possible to modify the card directly instead of the PCMCIA bridge?
> The PCMCIA bridge itself is a Ricoh RL5c475.  Has anybody modified one?
> Any helpful instructions would be grately appreicated!

If you have never seen the innards of a PCMCIA card, you will be
disappointed.  It's not easier to modify than the bridge.  I know that
it's not easy to access pins in Ricoh bridges, but it's not easier to deal
with components inside the PCMCIA card.  I suggest that you get a plx9052
based card or ti1410, which are relatively easy to modify.

Pavel Roskin

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