Prism2 PNP ID restore

Daniel Kostadinov kostadinov
Mon Nov 3 10:12:26 PST 2003

  I just want to ask to is it possible to recover a CIS info ( PNP ID
  ) of prism2 card? I flashed my old unknown Prism2 card with ZCOM XI-300 card firmware, the
  card work fine, but his PNP ID is changed to "_-IEEE_802.11b_Wireless_Lan/PC_Card-BF95"

  I try all post for reflashing prism2 2.5 card and nothing recover
  PNP ID. I have backup of card cis info dumped from Intersil
  Flash.exe and Winupdate.exe but i dont find any possible way to
  import thats id to pda or firmware.

Best regards,
 Daniel                          mailto:kostadinov at

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