IWSPY support

Jean Tourrilhes jt
Mon Nov 3 10:13:13 PST 2003

Jouni Malinen wrote :
> Since Linux 2.4.23 is apparently coming with wireless ext ver16

	Why "apparently" ? Was there talks of removing it from the
final version ?
	Yep, I decided to push it in 2.4.X because it increase the
number of freq and bitrates, which is necessary for 802.11a/802.11g,
and those guys are making nice progress.
	Another "argument" is that 2.6.0 is just a few weeks/days
away, and when 2.4.0 was released, the various distributions did drop
support for 2.2.X very quickly, so I don't expect 2.4.X to be
important that much longer.

> * fixed iwspy support with Linux wireless ext v16 (previous version
>   caused kernel crashes and memory corruption due to local->spy_data
>   not being in fixed offset from all dev->priv pointers anymore); only
>   wlan# device should be used for spy entries because other devices
>   will not receive statistics updates

	Darn ! I tried to be too clever.
	One way to workaround that is to define a specific
hostap_iw_handler_def for each netdevice type (instead of having a
single one), each with the proper offset for this netdevice. This will
add a little bit of bloat and it a little bit ugly, but would work.
	Your solution work as well.

	By the way... Let's talk about integrating HostAP into kernel
2.6.X. I plan to push for that and do the work. I just want to make
sure we coordinate.



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