Handoff time measurement

Victor Aleo victor.aleo
Wed Oct 30 15:55:46 PST 2002


Any one knows how much time it takes the handoff in a very simple WLAN 
network with 2 APs (running the Prism2 driver as Master mode) and using 
a station (as Managed mode) with also running Prism2?

I refer to the MAC (layer-2 handoff), without using MobileIP or anything 
else. I have tried to measured it, but the results I have got are very 
high: between 1 and 2 seconds!!! When it should be around a few hundred 
milliseconds (200 at much, maybe). Of course, the handoff time depends 
of the beacon period that in my case is the default, thus 100 ms.

I would appreciate any suggestions,



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