Roaming and WDS

john extra df_co
Wed Oct 30 12:29:06 PST 2002

Hi All!

I was wondering about the relationship between WDS and Roaming and how 
roaming works in HostAP. In order for there to be roaming, must there be a 
WDS link in place between all of your APs before your clients can roam? If 
so, can the wlan0wds0 interface be routed over say wired ethernet or maybe 
over another ad-hoc like wireless link to extend the coverage of the two 
aps? That way even if the two APs can't directly talk to each other 
(distance problems) the clients can still roam.

I am greatly impressed by the people working on this driver...keep up the 
good work! Thank you all so much for your help on this problem!


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