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Tue Oct 29 08:47:16 PST 2002

Hi! I have read the changelog between version 2002-09-12 and 2002-10-12, but I don?t understand something: 

"AP client mode - if AP client mode is enabled and device is
		  in Managed mode (i.e., associated to an AP), driver accepts
		  4-addr WDS frames from current AP. In addition, outgoing
		  frames that have a foreign source address in the Ethernet
		  header are sent using 4-addr WDS frame to the AP. This allows
		  station mode to perform layer 2 bridgeing. Please note, that
		  due to firmware limitations Host AP in Master mode cannot
		  operate with such station."

What does this mean? Can I use this to bridge packets between two machines in Master mode? My English is not very good, and I?m not sure what does this mean. Or is it equivalent to a Hardware AP in Client mode?

Please, this is very important for me, I would really apreciate your answers.

Thanks in advance


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