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Alexander Bögl a.boegl
Thu Oct 24 23:45:34 PDT 2002

Hmm, i think the best way is to combine the two things.
The most of our customers are too far away from another to
colaborate without the AP.

Alex B?gl

Pedro Estrela schrieb:

> the way things are constructed in IP routing makes that stations will always
> try to contact each other directly if they are on the same IP subnet,
> starting by an ARP request.
> you could make proxy ARP for all possible MAC addressess, but that would
> simply be a race condition scenario, because the target station would also
> reply with his own MAC address.

> if you have the colaboration of the stations, the simpler way is to define
> for the stations a IP routing configuration with a closed netmask
> (, and the default GW being the AP. This way all traffic
> will get forward to the AP. The later has a normal configuration, which
> sends the packet to the destination as normal. Note that this can be made
> trivially with DHCP configuration.

> if you don't have the colaboration of the stations, and you wish to enforce
> a policy of not allowing direct inter-station communication, please note
> that "prism2_param wlan0 ap_bridge_packets 0" will simply NOT solve your
> problem, because it will only stop bridging inside the driver the packets
> captured by the AP and destinated to the same wireless cell; it does not
> prevent that stations comunicate directly, if they are in range, because
> it's IP netmask ( ou whatever) tells them to proceed that way,
> and there is nothing in the 802.11  standard that enforces what you want (as
> fair as i know).

> Pedro Estrela
> >/ Is it possible to modify the driver to deny access
/> >/ between the stations?
/> >/ The stations should only be able to communicate with
/> >/ the "AP".
/> >/
/> >/ Any Ideas?
/> >/
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