Disabling/modifying Auto-rate fallback

Pedro Estrela pedro.estrela
Thu Oct 24 18:55:26 PDT 2002

i would suggest to use hostap rate support, and change this function

void hostap_handle_sta_tx_exc(local_info_t *local, struct hfa384x_tx_frame

as you can see in this funcion, as soon there is a lost packet, the driver
decreases rate for this particular station immediatly;
you change this function quite easely to only lower the data rate when there
is several lost packts in a row...
another option is to simply disable the loweing code, so that all stations
would lock at 11 Mbit/s forever.

Pedro Estrela

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Subject: Disabling/modifying Auto-rate fallback

> Hello all,
> We've recently started using the HostAP driver in our WISP access points,
> ane we're experienceing suboptimal performance (compared, for example, to
> the same node operating in ad-hoc mode).  One thing that seems odd is we
> get a lot of messages about the driver deciding to drop a client to 1mbit
> instead of the normal 11mbit, despite the fact that the client's signal is
> fine and its 11mbit packets are overwhelmingly getting through.  I've
> playing with the prism2_param txratectrl with basically no success, and
> I've tried pegging the clients at 11mbits (that results in no traffic
> through).
> Can anyone give some hints regarding how to correct this issue?  Pointers
> to possibly-suboptimal code would be great.
> Peter
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