essid missing.

Jason Boxman jasonb
Wed Oct 23 07:42:53 PDT 2002

On Tuesday 22 October 2002 10:24 pm, Yanghwee Tan wrote:
> there was a warning everytime i do "iwconfig"
> it says...
>   Warning: Driver for device wlan0 recommend version 13 of Wireless
>   Extension, but has been compiled with version 12, therefore some driver
>   features may not be available...
> previously before i use wireless tools v25 pre8, it was ok.
> hmm... can't recall if i did anything wrong when i upgrade to Wireless
> Tools ver25.
> do u have any suggestion what i should check on?
> i'm really clueless now. :(

I don't know if it'll fix the ESSID problem, but you can eliminate the 
wireless extension error by upgrading to a kernel with v13 of the wireless 
extensions.  Or you can get a very recent kernel and patch it to version 15 
of the wireless extensions.

> -Yanghwee-


Jason Boxman
Administrator TrekWeb.COM - Linux Pages

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