d-link dwl-660

Jerritt Collord collord
Mon Oct 21 08:07:51 PDT 2002

Sorry, I couldn't find pictures of this card. Link? (Unless you're talking about the 660W CF card?)

Note that DLink has entries in the FCC database for cards based on Atmel
(PCMCIA) and both ADMtek and Broadcom (Cardbus) chipsets, but no Agere. 

Is it Cardbus or PCMCIA (or CF)? What does the CIS report via cardctl?


> As far as Host AP driver is concerned, that is the problem: it is not a
> Prism2/2.5/3 card. I have newer used dwl-660, but based on those version
> numbers and a picture of the card, I would guess it is a relabeled Agere
> card.

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