Config file for hostap_pci??

Michael Milligan milli
Sat Oct 19 22:27:20 PDT 2002

Ricardo Galli wrote:
> On Sunday 20 October 2002 00:54, Bruce shaped the electrons to shout:
>>I have recently installed the hostap driver for a couple of machines, after
>>having some trouble with the wlan-ng drivers.
>>These are client machines, so I am not using the hostap function; just
>>using them for general client usage. The clients are connecting to an AP,
>>from which they get their IP via DHCP.
>>I managed to figure out (though not without some head scratching - is this
>>documented??) that in order to set up a client, I would have to edit the
> In PCMCIA package or in the distributions, for example in Debian you could do 
> it in /etc/network/interfaces.

For example, add something like this to bottom of /etc/network/interfaces, 
fix up <ID> and 1234-5678-9A (or delete the key line if you don't run WEP)..

# Wireless interface (hostap_pci)
auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
     pre-up /sbin/modprobe hostap_pci || true
     pre-up /sbin/iwconfig wlan0 mode Master essid <ID> channel 1
     pre-up /sbin/iwconfig wlan0 key 1234-5678-9A


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