Does Netgear MA311 work with HostAP ?

Sam Tilders wireless
Wed Oct 16 03:26:28 PDT 2002

> I'm thinking of using Netgear's MA311 PCI card for my wireless network
> (Linux Mandrake 9.0) (rather than the PCMCIA MA401 + PCMCIA/PCI adapter)

I had one of these cards for a couple of days.

> Does anyone use this card ?

I tried a variety of drivers including the prism2_pci driver and could get 
none of them to recognise the card though lspci showed it was definetely 
plugged in.

Also googling brought up amazingly few hits with this card related to anything 
linux or bsd'ish.

I ended up returning the card.

I'm not much help am I...

-- Sam

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