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> > 1) Use gip to get a 50fps file saved to ram.

> You'll want to use the --raw flag with GiP to avoid remuxing to MP4 and
> tagging, both of which create a file copy, which would halve the max
> size of programmes you could download to ram disk.

Yes. noted OK. :-) Following on from that, though...

How do I find out the command gip sends to ffmpeg to do its default
conversion as things stand? IIRC it has to recontain the content and tweak
the aac format in some way. So I'd need to be able to replilicate what is
needed, plus the spec to tell ffmpeg to fo 50 -> 25fps.

Basically, I'm looking for the quickest and most 'damage free' way to get
the frame rate conversion but still leave the audio and level of picture
detail OK.


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