Cannot play downloads from get_iplayer!

Nick Payne njhp94 at
Wed Apr 18 03:21:55 PDT 2018

On 18/04/2018 8:05 PM, Paul Thornett wrote:
> As a matter of interest, how do I check if hls is available for a
> particular file? I thought --info would show this, but using this
> option on "Ordeal by Innocence Episode 1" does not reveal the
> availability of the hlshd stream, even though it is there.
I have tvmode=hlshd in my options file. If hlshd is available, it gets
used, otherwise the download fails, and I then look at the GiP console
output to see what modes are available, choose one, and use --tvmode=...
on the command line to override the options file.


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