Cannot play downloads from get_iplayer!

Paul Thornett pthornett at
Tue Apr 17 08:24:52 PDT 2018

I have a BeyonWiz PVR which is connected to my PC wirelessly and which
I use to play GIP downloads to my TV. Until hlshd became unavailable
recently, I used the following GIP options:
  subsmono = 1
  tvmode = hlshd
  raw = 1

This produced .ts and .srt files, which my PVR was ecstatic about and
played supremely well (I think the .ts format is native to this PVR).

Since hlshd became unavailable, I have tried downloading with:
  --tvmode = best (results in dvfxsd1)
  --tvmode=dvfhd1 --fps50
with and without --raw.

The result is the same, regardless of my command line. I get the
downloaded files OK. All of them can be played on my PC using VLC.
But none of them plays using my PVR. The sound is fine (I combine the
video, audio and subtitle files using MKVMerge), but there is no video
at all.

I realize I can do a transcode with Handbrake, and that will probably
work. But why am I having this problem? Is there anything else I could
try (I really don't want to  reduce the bitrate any more if I can help


Paul Thornett

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