Problem recording radio programs using version 3.12.0

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Thanks Alan and Clive for your responses With apologies to Clive for sending the below to him directly rather than the list.
Thanks Clive, I should have said I'm using the Windows version and I'd best check for the latest version just encase I'm not running the latest version for Windows.

To add to that I've now done this and am running 3.13.0. Clive finds 70 dramas, I'm only able to find 4, but they do download, at least on my desktop. On my laptop, running the same version of get_iplayer I'm still getting 0 programs found. I'm using Windows7 64 bit on both.

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Hi Yusuf

I download those programmes every day and I can confirm that in the last 
24 hours, I was able to download the latest broadcast editions of those 

You should update to the latest version 3.13, which was released on 24th 
March 2018, as changes at the BBC broke the cache updating. (For windows



On 17/04/2018 12:24, Yusuf Osman wrote:
> Hi, as the subject says, using Get_Iplayer version 3.12.0 I can't record radio programs using the following strings:
> get_iplayer --type=radio --get "drama"
> get_iplayer --type=radio --get "book at bedtime"
> Get_Iplayer reports no programs found.
> Any ideas?
> Yusuf

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