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Alan Milewczyk alan at
Mon Apr 16 06:26:45 PDT 2018

Hi Richard, many thanks for the reply.

On 16/04/2018 13:49, RS wrote:
> I have just downloaded two episodes of the second series of Salamander 
> from hvfhd1/bi (Azure?) at 148Mbit/s.  That is similar to the HLShd 
> speed.  It does vary with time of day, and can go down to 60Mbit/s.

Wow, that's amazing. I never got much above 60 Mbps even with hlshd.
> Are you using WiFi?  That will slow your connection.

No, the only thing I use wifi for is my phones. I'm old school, 
everything is hard wired Gigabit with a mix of Cat5/5e cables. I get 220 
Mbps on speednet and, as I said, was typically getting around 50 Mbps on 
hlshd a few days ago (and nothing has changed hardware-wise in the 

Since posting, I tried hvfhd2 and got 50 Mbps initially, but a while 
later it was maxing out at around 25 Mbps. I do most of my downloading 
overnight, so it's not crucial. I've rescheduled the timing of my 
download batch files and I'm forcing hvfhd2 for now, so I'll keep an eye 
on transfer speeds.

Best wishes


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