Using ffmpeg to halve frame rate

RS richard22j at
Mon Apr 16 02:03:33 PDT 2018

On 16/04/18 08:21, Steve Dodd wrote:
 > Incidentally, has anyone else noticed HE-AAC coming through in the
 > downloads recently?
Another advantage of HLShd was that there was no HE-AAC when the audio 
was 96kbit/s.  HVF has used HE-AAC with 96kbit/s audio for some time, 
but only at the lower resolutions.  I have not seen 96kbit/s audio and 
HE-AAC at the higher HVF resolutions like HVFhd, HVFsd and HVFxsd.  I 
have only seen those resolutions with 128kbit/s or higher audio (usually 
320kbit/s).  As for DVF, I have not used it enough to be able to 
comment.  Have you seen HE-AAC with the higher resolutions?

Best wishes

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