BBC JSON feeds to be discontinued from 1st May

RS richard22j at
Sun Apr 15 02:06:51 PDT 2018

On 13/04/18 22:47, Peter Scott wrote:
> On 13-04-2018 20:54, I wrote:
>> On 13/04/18 18:21, tellyaddict wrote:
>>> Thanks Peter.
>>> The question is though, once the JSON feeds do go, where will GiP get 
>>> the VPIDs from? It needs these to access the playlists to start a 
>>> download? Will GiP have to start scraping iPlayer programme pages to 
>>> get these?
>>>> I didn't know JSON feeds were still available.  I updated my getPids
>>>> script to use the HTML feeds some time ago.  It still works; you can 
>>>> get
>>>> it here:
>> I thought get_iplayer was already doing that, and the reason for the 
>> upgrade to v3.13 recently was that the format of the HTML programme 
>> pages had changed.  Have I misunderstood?

> I thought that too.  I had to update getPids when the HTML changed just 
> before v3.13 came out.
> As far as I remember, I had to switch to the HTML feeds when the first 
> of the JSON feeds disappeared.
dinky has replied in the forum with this comment.

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