Steve Backshall - Nature's Microworlds - 2 Serengeti.mp4, b01l4906

Ralph Corderoy ralph at
Tue Apr 10 10:17:07 PDT 2018


> is the overly-LOUD dramatic music. This is so loud that the narrator
> cannot be heard

The production companies paid by the BBC put `plinkity-plink' music over
all the speech audio, not just narration, and not just to add drama.  It
seems to be for no good reason;  similar to a presenter having to show
they can walk and talk at the same time instead of just being a talking
head.  It all `adds interest'.  Presumably because of lack of confidence
in the spoken matter.

Given, outside of iPlayer, I can watch a foreign film and choose the
audio stream, e.g.  German or dubbed English, and then choose the
subtitle stream similarly, it would be nice if iPlayer offered two audio
tracks with one having no needless muzak.  This would be a bonus feature
over broadcast, and the Beeb could gather stats on preference.  They've
the clout to insist production companies hand over the tinkle-free

Cheers, Ralph.

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