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Tue Apr 10 08:39:47 PDT 2018

Not sure about loudness of narrators, what I find extremely irritating
- to the point of switching to another channel - is the overly-LOUD
dramatic music. This is so loud that the narrator cannot be heard, and
I then have to switch to using subtitles. And even Attenborough's
narration is not faultless - often his diction fades almost to silence
but then perks up later. This variability in sound levels is not due
to his unprofessionalism per se but sloppy sound engineering and
editing. CJB

On 10/04/2018, Ralph Corderoy <ralph at> wrote:
> Hi Tony,
>> Read this, and see what I mean
> Thanks, interesting, though I didn't grasp it all on first reading.
> Don't suppose you know of a good article explaining why the narrator in
> BBC programmes is perceived as always being louder than the other voices
> despite Aunty insisting they're the same?  :-)
> --
> Cheers, Ralph.
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