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Tony Quinn tony at
Mon Apr 9 13:48:54 PDT 2018

On 09/04/2018 21:37, Owen Smith wrote:
> Before you get all fussy about 50i, 50p or 25p you need to look at what your display is doing to that. Most people are viewing on LCDs these days, and these have a "sample and hold" nature of their own and run at a particular frame rate. So you may find everything is being re-sampled to 30p or 60p or who knows what for display on the panel. My point is you likely don't know the LCD frame rate (I don't know any of mine), and it has implications on statements like "50p is better than 25p" which may or may not be true after what the panel does to it. Your preferred frame rate may even be a result of whatever input frame rate is less butchered by your panel on conversion for display.

Read the John  Watkinson article.

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