Steve Backshall - Nature's Microworlds - 2 Serengeti.mp4, b01l4906

Tony Quinn tony at
Mon Apr 9 13:13:29 PDT 2018

On 09/04/2018 20:37, MacFH - C E Macfarlane wrote:
 > I will, but 'The Register' has sometimes proved to be a very 
unreliable source of scientific information, so I wouldn't expect it 
necessarily to be a good source of technical information either.

What that actually means is that if it doesn't agree with my amateur 
assessment and biases, it's inaccurate.

It's a John Watkinson article - he is NOT unreliable or an amateur, and, 
given your patently obvious lack of knowledge, you might actually  learn 
something by reading it.

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