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Fri Apr 6 08:34:35 PDT 2018

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On 06/04/2018 16:07, David Cantrell wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 06, 2018 at 03:01:11PM +0100, MacFH - C E Macfarlane wrote:
>> For many things, that would be true, but for the sort of big Hollywood
>> films that I mentioned, I doubt if there can be any doubt who the
>> current rights holders are. Apart from anything else, the original
>> rights holders are usually in the credits, and thence would be
>> comparatively easy to trace through to the present day,
> You must have missed the bit

I didn't miss it, for the type of material that was in my original list, 
I just didn't agree with you for the reasons given!

> And actually the original holders are often *not* in the credits. Most
> works don't have the several minutes of lists of names that appear at
> the end of modern films. And for content that is made for TV the credits
> are even today very incomplete.

But again, not true of the material I listed.
>>                                                           and, after all,
>> the BBC must have obtained or be obtaining the media copy that they
>> broadcast from somewhere of known provenance, presumably from the rights
>> holders themselves, or someone acting on their behalf.
> Wherever they're getting them from may not have rights for online
> dissemination to the public, which just gets us back to the previous
> problem. Broadcast rights and online rights are not the same thing.
Which was my original complaint, because it leads to the absurdities 
that I gave of 50 year old films not being available for download while 
other much more recent ones are.

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