Steve Backshall - Nature's Microworlds - 2 Serengeti.mp4, b01l4906

RS richard22j at
Wed Apr 4 14:03:07 PDT 2018

On 04/04/18 19:27, Alan Milewczyk wrote:
> On 04/04/2018 16:12, MacFH - C E Macfarlane wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Was able to download the previous day's Episode 1 as hafhd, but 
>> seemingly can only download Episode 2 as hvfhd at twice the disk 
>> space.  Has anyone else been able to download Ep 2 as hafhd or hlshd?
> Afraid not.  I tried to download this series in 2013 and 2104. I did get 
> this episode at hlshd but the others in the series apart from Episode 1 
> are all at 832x468.
> A

It looks as though the best 25fps resolution you can get is hvfxsd, 
960x540.  It is quite common for older programmes only to be available 
in HVF and DVF 50fps modes for HD resolutions, and not to have a hlshd 
mode.  The same applies to outside broadcasts.

You won't get hafhd because hafhigh, hafmed, hafstd and haflow are radio 

Best wishes

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