The Battle Of Britain At 75

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Tue Sep 29 10:54:57 PDT 2015

On Thu Sep 17 00:07:46:48 BST 2015, CJB wrote:

> But how to download the Red Button version is a moot point.

Too late of a reply, still... :

 The programme's page on "" is found at:

"Watch Friday Night is Music Night" has a
"Sorry, this episode is not currently available"
notification right above it...

 I was too daft not to scroll down the page
(this is on a small 16:10 laptop screen) until today,
when I saw the "Watch on iPlayer" link,
which redirects to:
and finally to:

 On the iplayer site, this defaults to RTMP streams
(not AdobeHDS, which is the norm for regular TV On-Demand
since the start of July 2015), the highest quality offered is:

1500kbps | rtmp (limelight) | unmediated | 832x468

i.e. flashvhigh; clearly, there's not a "Watch in HD" option!


get_iplayer --pid=b06ckvws -i

reveals there's a non-public "iplayer" version with vpid=p0332j3h,
for which 720p streams are available (tvmodes flashhd1, hlshd1 - as
per recent threads, flashhd2 is non-functional).
 It isn't required to add "--versions=iplayer" to your command, but
by doing so GiP will skip checks for "--versions=default(=original)"
which lack HD (if, indeed, HD is what you want!).
So, thanks to GiP, 720p is there to grab - that prog expires on Oct 18th,
so those still interested who haven't yet, should DL it before the beeb
suddenly decides to pull the clandestine HD version out, as I'm pretty sure
this public list is monitored by beeb stuff...

 Just out of curiosity, does BBC Red Button offer content in HD (720p) ?
That prog was Red Button only initially (live and repeats),
if it were in HD on RB, shouldn't they have made it
available in HD on iplayer, too?


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