Requests For Features

C E Macfarlane c.e.macfarlane at
Sun Sep 27 08:19:35 PDT 2015

See below ...

>     > A personal comment to the thread title ( Requests For Features):
>     >
>     > Up until this time, I am still hoping that some Perl wizard
>     > out-there will undertake the task of integrating ITV support
>     > to GiP (much like the case in GiA) - the plugin
>     > that is used in GiA for indexing ITV offerings

Yes, it seems daft to need two programs with different syntaxes, etc.  It
would be better that one or the other could do both.

>     I support your comment but since I am not able to contribute
>     that is all
>     I can do.

Ditto.  I am a programmer with experience of Bash, Java, Javascript, Python,
and (a long time ago now) C/C++ & COBOL, but PERL and Python are ugly
bastards even for the simplest of tasks.  Why (AIUI) Python is the language
of choice for the RPi I have no idea.  I would have thought that Pascal (as
was) or even an improved version of BASIC would have been better.

>     There is one thing I would like to add to GFV and that is to
>     be able to
>     add the target directory for saving the downloads in the same
>     way as in
>     GiP prefs.  Any idea how I could do that?

I simply change to the required directory before giving the command.

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