PVR Search for same programme on both podcast and radio

Budgie ajebay at errichel.co.uk
Fri Sep 18 15:05:19 PDT 2015

On 18/09/15 04:03, Vangelis forthnet wrote:
> On Thu Sep 17 16:09:07 BST 2015, Budgie wrote:
>> I record both the full broadcast programme and the much abridged
>> podcast version of The Early Music Show.
>> In the past, podcasts were entitled "Early Music Show"
>> and broadcast was "The Early Music Show."
>> It was therefore easy to set up two searches and get both versions.
>> BBC have recently changed their titles so both have the definite article.
>> No problem I thought, make one search for --type=podcast
>> and one for --type=radio.
>> Unfortunately when I try and do this for the same search subject,
>> one overwrites the other.
>> How do I get both searches into the list please?
> You can use the CLI to add those different PVR Searches
> under a different name:
> get_iplayer --type=radio "The Early Music Show" --modes=best
> --tag-podcast-radio --pvr-add="TEMS_BC"
> (BC=broadcast version)
> get_iplayer --type=podcast "The Early Music Show" --no-tag
> --pvr-add="TEMS_Pod"

Hi Vangelis,
Many thanks.  There is no way I would have worked this out myself.  Now 
both are in list so hope I didn't miss too many.

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